Health Care

 Health Care is a basic human right. All Americans should have access to quality healthcare and medication. The for profit model of drug companies and doctors are hurting Americans. The solution is Medicare for All.  We are in a Health Care Crisis this is the time to  ensure all  residents of Essex County have free access to Covid-19 tests, that our Doctors and Nurses have the PPE they need and that need.

We nee to dedicate more money and research to rare chromosome disorders One that is near and dear to my hear is    


 Climate change is rapidly happening as a direct result of human activity.  It shows it's effect across many sectors including the economy.  It's time for a Green Plan and to build green. We only have one planet and its up to us to preserve it. We need to limit and eliminate fossil fuel projects and protect our green spaces. We need independent impact studies completed prior to authorizing protected areas to be developed. 


 We owe every child the right to a free and appropriate education. The education should include financial literacy, a choice of a vocational education and entrepreneurship. We need to enrich the general curriculum to include all aspect of post High School life and education.   

Women's Rights/ Ax The Pink Tax

 Women's Rights are Human Rights. I am a firm believer and reject any legislation that would interfere with a womens reproduction right. Planned parenthood needs to continue to be funded and allowed to carry on any needed or requested services. 

On average woman spend almost $2000 more on products a year on products marketed or geared towards us. We need to  #AxThePinkTax  


 I have publicly supported Governor Murphy's Millionaire Tax.  There needs to be more transparency and fiscal responsibility. We can not continue to tax residents out of their homes. 

Clean Water

 Every resident of Essex County deserves to have safe, lead free drinking water. My friends and running mates  over at the at the Newark Water Coalition are pioneers